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Tom Hardy Crashed this Wedding as Bane

Tom Hardy crashed a wedding dressed as Bane.

A wedding is a special day, but imagine if Bane suddenly showed up and made your day extra super special!

This was the reality for a Pittsburgh couple back in 2011. Their wedding just happened to be in the same neighborhood that The Dark Knight Rises was filming in and things got a little…close.

In the photos below, you can see a Bane-clad Tom Hardy waving to bridesmaids and the happy couple…

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Hire Me

Hire Me | Molly Chambers gives us the scoop on her unmarketable skills

In a perfect world, I could survive on unmarketable skills alone. Unfortunately, I have yet to inherit a trust fund, marry rich, or find some form of benefactor (read: sugar daddy) to fund my life so that I may live it fully with only the raw gifts I’ve been given.

It’s not that I’m not good at anything. I’m actually great at a number of things, but people won’t pay me for them. A travesty, I…

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My Community, My People

My Community, My People | Megan Webb on the need for community

I’m not used to people being so nice to me. Is that sad? Maybe if the people here spent time in community with me, they’d be like everyone at home. 

Or maybe I’m the problem. Maybe I’m so stuck in believing that the people at home only want to believe the worst of me, so I in turn withhold sharing anything exciting in my life. Every f***ing conversation feels like a never-ending psycho-analysis…

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Alright, you guys. I’ve got a little something new to show you. Check out and let me know your thoughts. #browseit

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Questions and Concerns with Cory Copeland: Being Ignored, Just Friends, and an Unforeseen Breakup

A new Questions and Concerns with Cory Copeland: Being Ignored, Just Friends, and an Unforeseen Breakup

We’ve all been through crap when it comes to life and love and everything between. This can lead to confusion. That’s where I come in. I’ve been through it all, from top to bottom and back to the top and then back to the bottom again. Name it and it’s likely I’ve been through it. But I don’t mind talking about it. If it helps you guys avoid the same boo-boo’s I made, then I’m good telling my…

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