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The Women of Hollywood Film

The Women of Hollywood Film | a honest look at women in the film industry from Cassi Clerget

“You’re a feminist. What do you think of the female elf Tauriel in The Hobbit 2?”

Which may be one of the most random texts I’ve gotten from Kaitlin McDuffie in the short time that I’ve known her. But since my brain movies a mile a minute and rarely stops to give the people around me context for the thoughts pinging around in my mind, I just went with it.

My opinion, as unpopular as it might be,…

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Consumers of Life

Consumers of Life | an article on learning to enjoy the present by Timothy Huneycutt

This time last year, I thought I was going to be on top of the world. I was a senior in college working as an intern at a national nonprofit, I was halfway done with the first draft of my “amazing” novel in progress, and I was 100% determined to find the love of my life.

Today, I’m (finally) a college graduate working full time at the same national nonprofit. I’m rewriting that amazing (read:…

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New “Interstellar” Trailer Shows Us What We Want

This new “Interstellar” trailer finally shows us what we want out of a space movie…space.

Finally, something worthy of the Christopher Nolan legacy.

Here is the latest trailer for Nolan’s Interstellar, which premiered at the almighty Comic-Con last weekend.

We finally get a look at what Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway (boo), and the other astronauts went to space to look for: ice, water, and other things that really look like that final level of Inception.

Just one question: WHO…

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We’re ambiguous about the specifics of our faith because we don’t want it to affect our “brand”. I’m ending that for myself today. This is what I believe »

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Learning from My Cancer

Learning from My Cancer | Matt Ham on the choice one has after cancer has come

They say writing is hard. They say life is hard. While I would have to agree with both, I’d say that living what you write is even harder.

For a guy who writes about living a rich life, I knew I would have to engage the pillars of my message at some point. These principles sound great on paper and even better when I’m able to speak about them: embrace broken, invest in others, choose gratitude,…

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This is What I Believe

This is What I Believe | Cory Copeland challenges the cultural trend of winking ambiguity within our beliefs

This is an op-ed article and may not reflect the opinions and views of everyone at Bedlam Magazine.

In our audience-driven culture, it’s hard to put a finger on what someone believes. We take advice and guidance and direction from pop-theologists on Twitter, Facebook, and the rest of the internet because they have a following so they must know what they’re talking about. But it’s rare for someone…

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Writing tip: write like a wrecking ball, edit like a scalpel. Dissect every line and its purpose. Is it needed? Cut away the excess and rewrite accordingly.

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See Rob Lowe’s Completely Ridiculous Promo for Shark Week

Take a moment to bask in the amazingness of Rob Lowe’s completely ridiculous promo for Shark Week.

Discovery Channel’s Shark Week has somehow grown into a cultural phenomenon. And with that bloody, beautiful week quickly approaching, who better to promo the crap out of it than the “king of summer since ’87” himself, Rob Lowe.

Check out the completely bonkers promo below and feast your eyes on the handsome bloke throwing chum and riding sharks. Yeah…

Shark Week begins on the Discovery Channel…

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