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Party Pooper

Party Pooper | Social anxiety and party bathrooms with Molly Chambers ()  
"I haven’t always liked hanging out in stranger’s bathrooms. For years I would’ve rather peed in the bushes than go near some rando’s toilet. However, I’ve matured. In fact I’m typing this on my smart phone as I sit on the edge of a stranger’s bathtub, nursing the one beer I brought in here with me (rookie mistake). I’ve engaged in at least 15 minutes of small talk with the girl who never stops smiling, the guy who lets his hand linger on your lower back after a hug, AND the host, who I currently hate—but do not loathe since there is beer—for inviting me to this party.

It’s not that I dislike people; I just really enjoy my own company. Like, a lot. Some people call this…”

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Transcendence (and others) opening this weekend.


Transcendence (and others) opening this weekend. #dailymayhem

Another weekend means another round of movies gracing the big screen. It also means another weekend of putting off homework and cleaning and wishing Mondays didn’t exist… Or maybe that’s just me? So before you make any pre-Easter weekend plans, take a gander and see if any of these films tickle your fancy.

1. Transcendence (PG-13):Who doesn’t love a good sci-fi film starring Captain Jack…

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