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The Unexpected Love of God

The Unexpected Love of God | Kaitlin McDuffie on a God that knows us by name

A few Sundays ago, my church started a series on the book of Ezra. Now, I love studying Scripture and history has fascinated me since I was a little girl so I was genuinely excited to dive into an Old Testament book I hadn’t read since my last 365 day read-through of the Bible. But as my pastor launched into the third sermon and began reading the first verse of the second chapter of Ezra, my…

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Starting Over: what to do when life hands you a pink slip

Starting Over | Stephen Carter on what to do when life hands you a pink slip

I had it all planned out.

I went to work for my dream non-profit in October of 2009. I had just finished up over 2 years at a financial services company, and hated just about every minute of it. I quickly learned that finance isn’t for me. Seriously. You’re glad I’m not your broker.

After three different interviews, I started work and quickly fell in love with the organization. We were going into…

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Denzel Washington Gives Incredible Speech on Chasing Your Dream

Denzel Washington gave an incredible speech on life and faith to some young actors. Watch it here.

The internet is full of stories of Denzel Washington’s sainthood. From writing a check to cover soldiers’ housing to giving rousing speeches to graduates, Mr. Washington is, at his core, a good person.

And now we have video proof. Giving a speech to what appears to be a production company, Denzel speaks to the dreams we hold and their place in our lives.

You’ll be inspired and may even cry (I had…

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Colin Farrell Confirms He’s in ‘True Detective’ Season 2

Colin Farrell has confirmed he’s in ‘True Detective’ season 2.

In a very recent interview with the Irish newspaper The Sunday World, Colin Farrell confirmed he is indeed one of the stars of the upcoming season 2 of HBO’s True Detective.

“I’m so excited … I know it will be eight episodes and take around four or five months to shoot,” he said. “I know very little about it, but we’re shooting in the environs of Los Angeles which is great. It means I get to stay…

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The Problem With “All About That Bass”

The Problem With “All About That Bass” | Rebekah Richardson on why the song is not a women’s self-love anthem

You know those catchy songs that rope you in with their mood-lifting beat and you listen to them even when the lyrics are less than admirable? (“Blurred Lines” doesn’t count. That’s rape apologia. Shut it off.) I turn up Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass” every single time it comes on the radio when I’m driving. (Which is frequent by the way, because radio stations play approximately 12…

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The Day Grace Wrote Me A Letter

The Day Grace Wrote Me A Letter | Melissa Hawks on radical forgiveness

The day Grace wrote me a letter, I came undone.

It was a Sunday morning, after the most unusual week. If screwing up and moving forward were an Olympic sport, this would have been the week I won the gold medal. I had just written and shared with the world what I thought would be one of the darkest moments in my story. I imagined I would be stoned. Instead, people overwhelmed me with their love…

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Zach Braff in Talks to Reunite with ‘Scrubs’ Creator for New TV Show

Zach Braff is in talks to reunite with the creator of ‘Scrubs’ for a new TV show.

Citing a resurgence in the quality of television programs lately, Zach “JD” Braff is currently in talks with Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence to bring a new show to our airwaves. 

“I’ve been talking about a new idea with Bill Lawrence who created Scrubs. I don’t know if it will be this year or next,” Braff said. “I like the idea of cable because I don’t want to do 22 episodes, but I like the idea of…

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Hear it: Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury did a Song Together

Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury recorded some songs together. Hear the first here.

Before his untimely death, Freddie Mercury recorded some songs with The King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson (also an untimely RIP). 

And while the songs have long been buried in dust, the remaining members of Queen have decided to remaster them and release them for general consumption. Why leave dollars just lying around, right?

This is the first one released to the general public (with more to…

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An Honest Man: Nothing Good Comes from our Ass(umptions)

Cory Copeland’s new column, ‘An Honest Man,’ tackles the assumptions we carry in life and love.

We’re trying something new…again. Scraping the Questions and Concerns Q&A we ran in this space prior, I decided to do more of a long form column rather than taking and answering questions every two weeks. Sort of like a companion column to Melissa Hawk’s #bluntgirl. We’re calling An Honest Man.

Here’s the first installment:

Romance and love and everything they entail are supremely guilty of…

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